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BN Worx of Knoxville is a provider of the Allworx family of IP based business telephone systems and VoIP business phones designed to meet the communications and networking needs of your businesses. Call or Contact BN Worx today - 865.272.9674

9212 IP Business Office Telephone

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  • Call Assistant™
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Conference Center™
  • Advanced Multi-Site
  • Dual Language Support
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    Allworx business office telephones work seamlessly with the Allworx business office phone systems to provide a fully integrated communications solution. No matter what Allworx office phone system you select, you get all the same great business office telephone features and functionality in Knoxville, TN.
    All Allworx business phones are compatible with all Allworx servers.

    Allworx 9212 IP Business Office Telephone

    The 9212 office phone is supported with latest software releases, however the 9212 is being phased out and replaced with the Model 9212L office phone (backlit version). The 9212 office phone can be programmed for any combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line Appearance, Queue Appearance, speed-dialing, direct station dialing and busy lamp field.
    The 9212 office phone is a sophisticated and flexible top-of-the-line phone - perfect for executives, office managers, administrative assistants, and active employees in Knoxville who make and receive a high volume of telephone calls.

    bn worx voip knoxville 9212 ip office phone allworx

    Allworx 9212 IP Business Office Phone Key Features:

    • Huge and easy to read 192×64 graphical backlit display
    • 12 programmable function keys
    • Supports up to 12 line appearances
    • 4 Soft Keys
    • High-Fidelity Voice Handset
    • Reversible handset hook
    • Dedicated Park and Hold feature keys
    • RJ-11 headset port
    • Navigation keys
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Visual Ring Indicator
    • Ethernet switch
    • Hearing aid compatible
    • Speakerphone
    • Dedicated presence button
    • Adjustable stand/Wall mountable
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    The Allworx family of IP based business office telephone systems and VoIP business office phones that are designed to meet the communications and networking needs of your Knoxville businesses. The primary mission of the Allworx product line is to deliver the most recent round of IT technologies (including VoIP) in “turnkey” solutions that previously were only practical for large business enterprises in Knoxville with full-time administrative teams. The simplified setup and maintenance of the voice infrastructure for internet calling is perfect for todays small business owners in Knoxville, TN. Call or Contact BN Worx, your Allworx Authorized Partner in Knoxville, TN today - 865.272.9674